Saturday, January 21, 2012


I feel like I am swamped within a huge pile of lists. Appointments needed to be made, groceries that need to be bought, laundry, medical appointments to go to, insurance issues for my son , all this and trying to run the house or even keep it clean on top of trying to run a small business. With that there are lists too. I just had a custom order but waiting on a piece to attach to it just to get it done or entering into an art show with ideas drawn but not sure where to start. New projects with metal clay waiting to be started but the time is just not there.I love being busy don't get me wrong. Sometimes I just want to take a break. Spending  that extra minute combing my daughters hair or cuddling with my son is more important I say! So I feel like there is a juggling of sorts going on. I just need to perfect it.....I could also really use that office assistant that can clean up after my ideas explode on the work bench!

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