Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cleaning Workbench Away

It feels as though I am a sculpture artist and chipping away at one thing or another on getting things cleaned off the work bench from last year. I have been busy restocking and getting to projects that were put on the back burner. I intend on getting the pest done soon and get that metal clay out now that I have the gas to get started. I know I won't get everything I had on the bench done, but I already feel like I made a huge dent into it. I made few earrings here that use some techniques I was using last year with encasing marbles, and tear drops but a more petite style.I also have had a great amount of interest in my sea glass pendants with hand knitted circle cages. I tryed to make a few in all colors the last two days I managed to get a red, orange, yellow, green, two aquas, two blues, a purple and a rainbow done.

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