Thursday, February 7, 2013

On into the New Year!

A new year means a new beginning or a fresh start and like so many new years we always are full of new ideas. I just hope I can manage to find the time to do even half of them. I am going to try to focus on more knitted wire pieces as well as the wire tree frames. I still have a bit of metal clay I will play around with too.  Of course sea glass will still be a focus in my jewelry pieces. I have a few leather pieces I am working on as well as starting to use copper wire.  Last year I did a few gold filled or plated items and really didn't see a whole lot people interested in them. I guess time will tell, I did add a few gold filled earrings this year to my shop.. But the new addition of copper I find exciting. I also have been working thru some ideas for some larger knit pieces like the basket pictured  here.  Although these are prototypes that are helping me get to the next idea, I rather like them. I was trying to figure out a frame and how big to go with loops and wire gauges for a bowl idea I have. I will try to keep you updated and see what happens!  You can always follow me on facebook and I tend to keep this page updated with what is new and what I'm working on too.
 I have not added the baskets to my Etsy shop as of yet, but will be trying to figure out shipping on these.  In the mean time I will still be creating and trying out new things. I hope the new year has been good to you all so far and it only gets better!