Monday, March 4, 2013

Copper Crazy!

I have been working on new wire work as well as trying out copper wire in some of my work the last few weeks. I am teaching myself some new techniques and trying to find a way to incorporate them in new pieces. I just received a box full of new tools today and am super excited to get to use them too! I will try to update the new ideas but it is as it always id a waterfall of ideas! I am going to share here some of the new copper pieces and the design on the earrings is by Aniko Sandor. I modified the size from her design to be smaller by 3/4". Her original design was larger and I am always trying for smaller work. Although if you look at some of my pieces they can get super bold! I was trying to tame it down. I tried her design in three different wire silver, copper, and gold filled. I also went and played with some gems I have been collecting. All are teardrop shape, but some are faceted and others smooth. I had fun playing around with the colors of the stones and thinking about the light reflecting through them and how they look with certain wire colors. I am currently working on a original design for three of these earrings to have pendants that can go with them. I will definitely be using the wire weaving technique and some of my own flair this time! I do enjoy pushing myself to try new things and her earrings really spoke to me to try and see what I can do with this new technique.

It is definitely why I have been super excited to be a part of the wiredteam on Etsy. I love seeing all the new ideas and we push each other to do our best and help each other.  In January I won the monthly challenge for the theme "Be my Valentine"

Red, Orange  Amberina Genuine Sea Glass Hand Knitted Fine Silver Wire  Heart Pendant with 18 inch box chain Necklace
Monica chose my piece and  said, "My favorite is Melissa Eager's sea glass pendant. It feels so alive and I can almost hear the heartbeat."