Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday hubub

Well the holiday was crazy just like everyone said it would be. I have some time get ready for next year right? :) I am right now restocking some items in my shop as well and finishing up a few that were left on my work bench once the ornament making took over. I started making ornaments late summer and now realize I need to start earlier this year. So this month I decided to take a huge break from them. I am focusing my attention on metal clay stating next week. I  have some ideas to incorporate my knitted wire with the metal clay. I am super excited to be able to do this. If it weren't for last years sales I wouldn't have been able to try this new medium.  I also am focusing my attention to sea glass pieces. I have a huge stash of glass and will be making some with this metal clay as well as some more of my circle basket pendants. Suggestions are always welcome in fact desired!:)  I will be trying to post more to this site for those of you who are interested how I come about my ideas. Starting next week I 'll will try to better about posting weekly! :)

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